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We work closely with Local Education Authorities and Multi Academy Trusts in the UK to source the most qualified and dynamic professionals to work in Schools and Academies. Through our established global partnership network that ranges from Academic institutions to Professional bodies, we are able to source and deploy teachers, mentors,cover supervisors, curriculum leaders and School Leaders from within as well as outside the UK

Qualifications for teaching in the UK

Teachers interested in working in the UK must tbe licensed to teach in their state/province. Please note that teachers who have an undergraduate degree but no teaching credentials will not be considered for teaching jobs in the UK. All applicants will be required to provide a criminal background check in order to teach in the UK.

Academic School Year

The school year runs from September to July, with most schools operating a three-term system (Fall, Spring, Summer). Every term has a break in the middle (a week off called “half-term”.) Schools break for two weeks at Christmas and two weeks at Easter.


Typical School Days

Generally, the school day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm with a lunch break at midday. As a teacher, your school day will also include meetings, supervision of student activities, and other duties as assigned. The exact school hours may differ from school to school.


United Kingdom teaching qualifications

In the United Kingdom, QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) is the certification for teachers. To achieve this status, teachers must complete specific training and pass standardized exams. Teachers from outside of the UK are able to teach in the UK for a maximum of four years before they must obtain QTS.


Living in the United Kingdom

The UK offers an enticing mix of modern attractions and old-world charm. There is plenty to see and do, and because of its proximity to mainland Europe, teachers in the UK have several options for international travel during breaks and holidays.

Supply Teaching vs Long-Term Teaching Positions in the UK

In the UK, there are two common routes for overseas teachers. The first route is supply teaching. Supply teaching is a popular option for teachers just arriving in the UK as it allows the teacher to work in a number of different schools and gain experience working with the British curriculum. As well, supply teaching offers variety and flexibility in scheduling.

The typical rate for supply teaching is £120 per day. Often, supply teaching will lead to a long-term contract position. If the teacher is a good fit for the school and a suitable position opens up, the teacher can then take on a long-term posting. Supply teaching positions are available throughout the year, allowing teachers to begin their UK teaching assignment mid-term.

Teaching In The uk

The education system in the United Kingdom provides a lot of flexibility in terms of where teachers can work. The majority of jobs offered through Teach Away are in England, specifically in the greater London area. Many teachers choose to supply teach when they arrive in order to gain experience, and get a feel for the different types of teaching assignments. The British curriculum is very straightforward and easy to pick up, allowing foreign teachers (Canadians, Australians, Kiwis) to pick it up quickly.

Holidays are fairly extensive and offer more breaks than teachers in North America or Australia might expect. For foreign teachers, working in the UK will provide the excitement of teaching in a new educational system, while maintaining a distinct familiarity to systems in North America and Australia. If you wish to live and work in the UK and you do not have a current British passport, you will need a visa in order to be employed.

Long - Term TeachingPosition in the uk

The other route is to apply directly for long-term positions. The UK has a great need for secondary Math and Science teachers at the moment, though there are positions available in most subject areas. If a teacher is hired for a long-term position, they can expect to make a yearly salary in the range of £22,000 – £24,000. Applying directly for a long-term position allows teachers to know where they will be working, and is often an attractive option for teachers who have done supply work or would rather work in just one school. Some long-term contracts (i.e. for the duration of the school year) may lead to permanent positions.
Long-term positions generally start at the beginning of each term. The best time to apply for these positions is 2-3 months prior to the start of the term. The three main intakes for long term positions are in June and July, November, and February.

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