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Mission Statement

For those who care enough to share their Professional Skills At SKLLZ  we guarantee in delivering uncompromising quality of service to our clients on all levels.

For Our Clients we promise

Quality Assurance at Competitive Prices:
Through a stringent vetting procedure, conducted by experienced consultants with years of school leadership, we will only recruit and deploy the highest quality of candidate for our clients. We will offer all this at the most competitive prices without compromising on the quality.

Professionalism, Reliability and Integrity:
All of our staff  are put through a continuous professional development program to ensure the utmost level of professionalism when dealing with our clients. We believe that effective communication (verbal and written) is key in securing long lasting professional relationships. We promise to listen and act on all concerns raised by our clients with the aim to find a positive way forward in the best interest of all parties concerned.

For Our StAff we promise

Unwavering Support:
We understand that you  will have your own goals and objectives, and it is up to us to ensure you meet them. As one of the best teaching recruitment agencies we promise our clients professional staff and that’s exactly how we treat you. You are working in a demanding environment, and so we will always give you our full support to ensure that you fulfil your duties and complete your assignment as you have planned to.

Continuous Professional Development:Aside from just finding the right work for you, we will aim to develop you professionally in order for you to meet the challenges of the school environment. Through our bespoke in house training programme, we will ensure that you are kept abreast with the changing landscape of Education as well as providing you with training on specific skills that are relevant to your role. This we believe, will ensure that you continue to grow in your role as well as offering an opportunity to increase your earning capacity over time.


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160 Kemp House City Road London EC1V 2NX United Kingdom

Phone : +44 203 411 0433
Email : info@skllz.co.uk

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